Improvement and Grading by Towns

SECTION 24-3-5

§ 24-3-5. Commissioners' estimate and report.

The commissioners shall cause a survey and plat of the proposed alteration to be made; and shall cause notice to be given to all persons interested in the lands to be taken or in the improvement to be made, and to all persons who are owners of lands which, in the opinion of the commissioners, will be benefited by the proposed alterations, of the time and place of making an estimate of the value of the property so required to be taken, and of the special benefits to be conferred by making the alterations; and at the time and place appointed in the notice, the commissioners shall proceed to make a just estimate of the amount of the damage occasioned to the respective owners, lessees, parties, or persons entitled to or interested in the lands taken for the alteration, and also a just estimate of the value of the special benefits, if any, caused thereby, to the several owners of lands not required for the proposed improvements, but which will, in the opinion of the commissioners, be benefited thereby; and the commissioners shall report thereon to the town council or city council without unnecessary delay. The commissioners shall set forth in the report the names of the owners of, and persons in any way interested in, any of the land taken for the proposed improvement, so far as the names can be ascertained, and a description or designation of the several parcels thereof, with the damage and benefit to each respectively. The commissioners shall further apportion and assess a portion of the damage and cost of improvements as the town or city council may have directed, ascertained as provided, upon the owners of the estate so specially benefited, in proportion to the special benefits conferred; provided, that the amount of the assessment shall not exceed the amount of the special benefits, ascertained as provided.

History of Section.
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