Maintenance of Town Highways

SECTION 24-5-14

§ 24-5-14. Snow and ice removal.

The several towns shall provide by ordinance in a manner and under such penalties as they may deem expedient, for removing snow from the public highways so as to render the public highways passable with teams, sleds, and sleighs; but nothing contained in this chapter shall be so construed as to render any town or city liable for any injury to person or property caused by snow or ice obstructing any or any part of the highways therein, unless notice in writing of the existence of the particular obstruction shall have been given to the surveyor of highways within whose district the obstruction exists, at least twenty-four (24) hours before the injury was caused, and the town or surveyor shall not thereupon within twenty-four (24) hours of notification have commenced the removal of the obstruction, or caused any sidewalk which may have been obstructed by ice to be rendered passable, by spreading ashes or other like substances thereon. Whenever any highway is blocked up or encumbered with snow, the surveyor shall cause so much thereof to be removed or trod down as to render the highway passable.

History of Section.
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