Maintenance of Town Highways

SECTION 24-5-2

§ 24-5-2. Division of towns into districts – Election and terms of surveyors.

The town council of each town shall divide the town into highway districts not exceeding four (4) in number, or shall constitute the entire town one highway district, and shall annually elect one surveyor of highways for each highway district, and fix his or her compensation; provided, however, that in the town of South Kingstown the powers and duties of surveyors of highways shall vest in the town council and the town shall not be required to elect surveyors of highways, and provided further that in the town of Smithfield there shall be one highway district which shall constitute the entire town, and one highway commissioner who shall be elected and be compensated and hold office as provided in Public Laws 1930, chapter 1675; the highway commissioner to perform the duties of highway surveyor in the town and have all the power and authority and be subject to all the duties now pertaining to the office of highway surveyors elected by the town councils under the laws of the state. Surveyors of highways so elected shall hold their offices until the next annual financial town meeting of the town and thereafter until their successors are elected. Vacancies occurring from any cause may be filled by the town council, and the town council may remove from office any surveyor of highways elected by them at their pleasure.

History of Section.
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