Maintenance of Town Highways

SECTION 24-5-8

§ 24-5-8. General duties of surveyors of highways.

Every surveyor of highways shall execute the directions given to the surveyor by the town council or the committee thereof as provided for in this chapter, and shall purchase and use such materials and employ such personnel, teams, and road making apparatus as may be necessary therefor at the rates of compensation fixed by the town council. The surveyor shall keep himself or herself informed as to the condition of all the highways in the surveyor's district, taking particular care to do so immediately after all storms and freshets, and shall seasonably communicate such information to the town council or to the committee thereof having care of his or her district; and it shall be the surveyor's duty, in case of sudden and unforeseen damage to any highway or bridge, to immediately repair the damage at the expense of the town so that it will be safe and passable, without instruction or direction from the town council or committee.

History of Section.
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