Abandonment By Towns

SECTION 24-6-2

§ 24-6-2. Notice to abutting landowners of proposed abandonment.

Every town council, before proceeding to abandon any highway or driftway or any part thereof, shall give notice to the owners of the lands abutting upon any part of the highway or driftway within the town to appear, if they see fit, and be heard for or against the abandonment, and as to the damage, if any, which they will sustain thereby. Notice shall be given by advertisement once a week for three (3) successive weeks next prior to the meeting of the town council at which the abandonment is to be first considered, in some newspaper of general circulation within the city or town printed in English and a further and personal notice shall be served upon every person known to reside within this state who is an owner of land, abutting upon that part of the highway or driftway which it is proposed to abandon.

History of Section.
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