Title 24

Chapter 7

R.I. Gen. Laws § 24-7-1

§ 24-7-1. Power of towns to establish and regulate sidewalks.

(a) The town council of any town shall have the power to order sidewalks, including curbing of stone or other material, made and laid in and upon the streets and highways of the town, and may make ordinances and regulations relative to the altering or repairing thereof, to the use, maintenance, care, and cleaning of the sidewalks, to removing ice and snow therefrom, to the removal of posts, steps, and other obstructions therein, and to the maintenance and removal of awnings, signs, and other structures projecting over the sidewalks; provided, that the ordinances and regulations shall not be contrary to the laws of this state.

(b) The construction of sidewalks and curbs to be owned by all cities and towns and the maintenance of all sidewalks and curbs owned by all cities and towns, shall be in compliance with all state regulations promulgated by the director of transportation pursuant to subsection 42-13-1(b).

History of Section.
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