Construction and Maintenance of State Roads

SECTION 24-8-18

§ 24-8-18. Use of sums appropriated – Annual report.

The sums paid to the state, cities, or towns under the provisions of this chapter shall be used exclusively within the state, and within the cities and towns for those roads listed under § 24-8-17. The sums shall only be spent for maintenance and repair. Except up to twenty-five percent (25%) of each city or town's allotment is eligible for expenditure on any highway pavement management need. Each and every year after the initial year of this program, in order to obtain payment under this title, the state and each city or town must first receive approval for the expenditures by the director of transportation. The city or town treasurer, or state budget officer shall on or before May 30th of each year, certify in writing to the director of transportation how the sums have been expended.

History of Section.
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