Construction and Maintenance of State Roads

SECTION 24-8-4

§ 24-8-4. Improvement, reconstruction, or widening of roads – Widening at town expense.

The director of transportation shall have the power and authority to improve, rebuild, and reconstruct any existing state highway in accordance with this section, if the improvement, rebuilding, and reconstruction will facilitate the free and easy movement of vehicle traffic and help to increase the safety of the state highways. The director of transportation in carrying out all the construction and improvement shall avoid as far as possible the creation of sharp angles, turns or grades. Any city or town desiring to have a highway constructed or improved to a greater width than the width determined upon by the director of transportation may agree in writing with the director of transportation for such additional width as the city or town may desire; provided, the entire expense of the additional width shall be paid by the city or town to the general treasurer, and be credited to the amount available for use by the director of transportation for the purpose of this chapter.

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