Construction and Maintenance of State Roads

SECTION 24-8-7

§ 24-8-7. Specifications for curbs and sidewalks.

Whenever and wherever the director of transportation shall order and cause the building and construction of curbs and sidewalks as provided in this chapter, the curb shall be made and constructed of a suitable and hard material. The curb shall be set and shall not project above the edge of the highway more than twelve inches (12") nor less than four inches (4"). The width of the curb at the top shall not be more than twelve inches (12") and not less than four inches (4"). The sidewalk shall be made and constructed of a suitable and hard material with a smooth hard finished surface or face. Whenever and wherever feasible and practical, the surface or face of the sidewalk shall be set and laid flush with the top of the curb and shall not be less than four feet (4') wide from the inside top edge of the curb.

History of Section.
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