Domestic Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-1-14

§ 27-1-14. Decree of forfeiture – Receiver.

If, upon the examination of the president, secretary, or treasurer and of any other witnesses and evidence as may be introduced by the insurance commissioner and defendants, the court is of the opinion that the charter of the company is forfeited at law, or that the company is managed in a manner that the public or those having funds in its custody or who hold policies of insurance issued by it are in danger of being defrauded, or the continued operation of its business would be hazardous to the public or its policyholders, or that the company has become insolvent, the court shall issue an injunction to the president, secretary, or treasurer and other officers of the corporation, enjoining them from proceeding further in transacting the business of the company, and shall appoint a discreet and proper person to be receiver of all the evidences of debt, goods, effects, and property of every description belonging to the corporation. The court may require the receiver to give bond with surety to the satisfaction of the court for the faithful execution of his or her trusts. The person once appointed as the receiver may, subject to the discretion of the court, continue to be receiver for the duration of the receivership proceedings.

History of Section.
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