Domestic Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-1-22

§ 27-1-22. Assessments by receiver of mutual company.

The receiver of any mutual insurance company shall, under decree of the superior court, make and assess, pursuant to the provisions of the charter of the company of which he or she shall be a receiver, any further assessments, in addition to those which may have been made by the company, as may be necessary for the payment of the debts of the corporation, with the incidental expense of assessing and collecting the assessments and the cost and expenses of closing up the business of the corporation, including any reasonable compensation of the receiver that may be allowed by the court, and may demand, receive, sue for, and collect the assessments. For the purpose of the assessment and collection, the receiver shall have all the powers and rights in these respects which the corporation possessed by virtue of its charter or otherwise; provided, these provisions shall not apply to policies issued by mutual insurance companies that do not render the holders of the policies liable to assessment.

History of Section.
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