Domestic Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-1-5

§ 27-1-5. Deposits with general treasurer to comply with laws of other states.

In all cases in which the laws of any other state of the United States now require and may subsequently require that the insurance companies incorporated by the laws of other states shall deposit, with some officer of the state in which the insurance company is incorporated, stocks or other securities in trust or for the benefit of policyholders of the companies as a condition for doing business in the other state, the general treasurer, or his or her custodian, shall receive from any insurance company incorporated under the laws of this state stocks or other securities, including mortgages insured and debentures issued by the federal housing administration and obligations of national mortgage associations, in an amount as may be required by the laws of the other state or states, on deposit and in trust for the benefit of the policyholders of the company. In the event the security required under this section is one which is maintained in the federal reserve book entry system or by the depository trust company book entry system or any similar entity, then the insurance company required to make the deposit shall designate the general treasurer as the pledgee of the security and provide written notification to the general treasurer identifying the security.

History of Section.
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