CHAPTER 27-10.1
Motor Vehicle Damage Appraisers

SECTION 27-10.1-8

§ 27-10.1-8. Drive-in claim centers.

(a) No insurance company employee or property damage appraiser shall request or advise any motor vehicle owner or operator to operate his or her vehicle on any public thoroughfare for the purpose of obtaining a written estimate of damage at a drive-in claims center, unless it is ascertained that the vehicle meets safety requirements as determined by the department of transportation.

(b) A vehicle shall be deemed unsafe for driving pursuant to the provisions of this section if the vehicle has:

(1) Damage to its unitized body construction;

(2) Damage to its hood catch which would probably result in an unexpected opening;

(3) Damage to the front suspension;

(4) Metal in contact with any tire;

(5) Any door which can't be easily opened or which opens unexpectedly;

(6) Inoperable tail lights;

(7) Broken glass affixed to the vehicle or a cracked windshield; or

(8) Any other condition deemed to be unsafe by the department of transportation pursuant to rules and regulations.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1987, ch. 491, § 1.)