Claim Adjusters

SECTION 27-10-2

§ 27-10-2. Persons exempt.

The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to the following:

(1) An attorney at law admitted to practice in this state, acting in his or her professional capacity as an attorney;

(2) Either an insurance producer of a domestic insurance company or an insurance producer duly licensed by the insurance commissioner, when the insurance producer adjusts, or assists in the adjustment of, claims arising only under policies of insurance or fidelity or surety bonds negotiated, solicited, or effected by him or her or by the insurance producer, whether the insurance producer is a person, partnership, or corporation, for which he or she acts;

(3) A person who negotiates or settles claims arising under a life or health insurance policy or an annuity contract;

(4) A person employed only for the purpose of obtaining facts surrounding a loss or furnishing technical assistance to a licensed adjuster, including photographers, estimators, private investigators, engineers, and handwriting experts;

(5) An individual who is employed to investigate suspected fraudulent insurance claims but who does not adjust losses or determine claims payments;

(6) A person who solely performs executive, administrative, managerial, or clerical duties, or any combination thereof, and who does not investigate, negotiate, or settle claims with policyholders, claimants, or their legal representative;

(7) A licensed health care provider or its employee who provides managed care services as long as the services do not include the determination of compensability;

(8) A managed care organization or any of its employees or an employee of any organization providing managed care services so long as the services do not include the determination of compensability;

(9) A person who settles only reinsurance or subrogation claims;

(10) A person who investigates, negotiates, or settles life, accident and health, annuity, or disability insurance claims;

(11) An individual employee, under a self-insured arrangement, who adjusts claims on behalf of their employer;

(12) A person authorized to adjust workers' compensation or disability claims under the authority of a third-party administrator (TPA) license pursuant to chapter 20.7 of title 27;

(13) A person who adjusts claims for portable electronic insurance offered pursuant to chapter 2.7 of title 27.

History of Section.
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