Claim Adjusters

SECTION 27-10-3

§ 27-10-3. Issuance of license.

(a) The insurance commissioner may issue to any person a license to act as either a public adjuster; company adjuster; or independent adjuster once that person files an application in a format prescribed by the department and declares under penalty of suspension, revocation, or refusal of the license that the statements made in the application are true, correct, and complete to the best of the individual's knowledge and belief. Before approving the application, the department shall find that the individual:

(1) Is at least eighteen (18) years of age;

(2) Is eligible to designate this state as his or her home state;

(3) Is trustworthy, reliable, and of good reputation, evidence of which shall be determined by the department;

(4) Has not committed any act that is a ground for probation, suspension, revocation, or refusal of a professional license as set forth in § 27-10-12;

(5) Has successfully passed the examination for the line(s) of authority for which the person has applied;

(6) Has paid a fee of one hundred and fifty dollars ($150).

(b) A Rhode Island resident business entity acting as an insurance adjuster may elect to obtain an insurance adjusters license. Application shall be made using the uniform business entity application. Prior to approving the application, the insurance commissioner shall find both of the following:

(1) The business entity has paid the appropriate fees.

(2) The business entity has designated a licensed adjuster responsible for the business entity's compliance with the insurance laws and rules of this state.

(c) The department may require any documents reasonably necessary to verify the information contained in the application.

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