Claim Adjusters

SECTION 27-10-5

§ 27-10-5. License.

(a) Unless denied licensure, persons who have met the requirements of § 27-10-3 shall be issued either a public, company, or independent adjuster license.

(b) A company or independent adjuster may qualify for a license in one or more of the following lines of authority:

(1) Property and casualty;

(2) Workers Compensation; or

(3) Crop.

(c) An individual may not hold both a public adjuster and a company or independent adjuster license at the same time.

(d) An adjuster license shall remain in effect unless probated, suspended, revoked, or refused as long as a biennial application for renewal and fee set forth in § 27-10-3(a)(6) is paid and all other requirements for license renewal are met by the due date; otherwise, the license expires.

(e) An adjuster whose license expires may, within twelve (12) months of the renewal date, be reissued an adjuster license upon receipt of the renewal request, as prescribed by the department. However, a penalty in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) in addition to the renewal fee shall be required to reissue the expired license.

(f) An adjuster who is unable to comply with license renewal procedures and requirements due to military service, long-term medical disability, or some other extenuating circumstance may request a waiver of same and a waiver of any examination requirement, fine, or other sanction imposed for failure to comply with renewal procedures.

(g) An adjuster shall be subject to chapters 9.1 and 29 of title 27.

(h) The adjuster shall inform the department by any means acceptable of any change in resident or business address(es) for the home state or in legal name within thirty (30) days of the change.

(i) In order to assist in the performance of the department's duties, the department may contract with non-governmental entities, including the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), its affiliates or subsidiaries, to perform any ministerial functions, including the collection of fees and data, related to licensing that the insurance commissioner may deem appropriate.

History of Section.
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