Claim Adjusters

SECTION 27-10-8

§ 27-10-8. Emergency licenses.

(a) In the event of a declared catastrophe, an insurer shall notify the department, via an application for temporary emergency licensure, of each individual, not already licensed in the state where the catastrophe has been declared, who will act as an emergency company or independent adjuster on behalf of the insurer.

(b) A person who is otherwise qualified to adjust claims, but not already licensed in this state where the catastrophe has been declared, may act as an emergency company or independent adjuster and adjust claims, if, within five (5) days of deployment to adjust claims arising from the declared catastrophe, the insurer notifies the department by providing the following information in a format prescribed by the insurance commissioner:

(1) Name of the individual;

(2) Social security number of individual;

(3) Name of insurer the company or independent adjuster will represent;

(4) Effective date of the contract between the insurer and company or independent adjuster, if applicable;

(5) Catastrophe or loss control number;

(6) Catastrophe event name; and

(7) Other information the department deems necessary.

(c) An emergency company or independent adjuster's license shall remain in force for a period not to exceed ninety (90) days, unless extended by the department.

(d) Any person licensed as an emergency company or independent adjuster must comply with all laws of this state in the same manner as if he or she had been issued a company or independent adjuster and both he or she and the insurer for whom the adjuster is working are responsible in the same manner as they would be if the adjuster was a fully licensed adjuster.

(e) There is no fee payable to the state for the licensing of the emergency adjuster. However, in order to assist in the performance of the department's duties, the department may contract with non-governmental entities, including the NAIC, its affiliates, or subsidiaries, to perform any ministerial functions related to licensing that the department may deem appropriate and the applicant is responsible for the fee associated with these services as determined by the department.

(f) Public adjusters are not eligible for licensing under this section.

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