Annual Reports of Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-12-3

§ 27-12-3. Examination of reports – Requiring additional statements.

(a) The insurance commissioner shall annually examine the statements and returns required to be made by the companies and insurance producers, and if, in the commissioner's opinion, any return is obscure, defective, or unsatisfactory he or she shall immediately require answers under oath, from the insurance producer or company by whom that obscure, defective, or unsatisfactory return has been made, to any interrogatories as he or she may deem necessary or proper to be answered in order to explain that return, and exhibit a full and accurate view of the business and resources of the company represented by the insurance producer.

(b) In the event that the insurance commissioner for any reason does not examine the statements and returns required to be made by insurance companies as stated in subsection (a), the examination shall be deemed to have been made for all purposes upon the following conditions:

(1) The examination has not been conducted for a period of two (2) consecutive calendar years;

(2) The company has filed its financial statements for each of the two (2) years which financial statements have been examined by an independent certified public accountant and shall have been prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles applicable to insurance companies for complete financial statements, including balance sheets and related statements of income, changes in surplus, and changes in financial position for each of the previous three (3) years;

(3) The chief executive officer or the chief financial officer of the company shall affirm that the filed financial statements are complete and accurate; and

(4) The insurance commissioner shall not reject any filing within sixty (60) days of the date of the filing as being incomplete, inaccurate, or requiring further information in order to provide a full and accurate review of the business and resources of the company.

History of Section.
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