Revocation and Suspension of License

SECTION 27-13-1

§ 27-13-1. Examination into affairs of company.

The insurance commissioner, either personally or by a committee appointed by him or her consisting of one or more persons not directors, officers, or agents of any life, fire, marine, fire and marine, or casualty insurance company, doing business in this state, may at any time examine into the affairs of any life, fire, marine, fire and marine, casualty, or other insurance company, incorporated by or doing business in this state. The officers or agents of any insurance company shall exhibit its books to the insurance commissioner or committee, and facilitate its examination, and the insurance commissioner or the committee may examine, under oath, the officers and agents of any insurance company in relation to its affairs. The insurance commissioner shall, if he or she deems it advisable, publish the result of the investigation in one or more newspapers published in the state. The total cost of those examinations shall be borne by the examined companies and shall be one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the total salaries paid to the examining personnel of the banking and insurance division engaged in those examinations less any salary reimbursements and shall be paid to the insurance commissioner to and for the use of the state. That assessment shall be in addition to any taxes and fees payable to the state.

History of Section.
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