CHAPTER 27-14.3
Insurers' Rehabilitation and Liquidation Act

SECTION 27-14.3-38

§ 27-14.3-38. Domiciliary liquidator's proposal to distribute assets.

(a) Within one hundred twenty (120) days of a final determination of insolvency of an insurer by a court of competent jurisdiction of this state, the liquidator shall make application to the court for approval of a proposal to disburse assets out of marshaled assets as those assets become available, to a guaranty association or foreign guaranty association having obligations because of the insolvency. If the liquidator determines that there are insufficient assets to disburse, the application required by this section shall be considered satisfied by a filing by the liquidator stating the reasons for this determination.

(b) The proposal shall at least include provisions for:

(1) Reserving amounts for the payment of the expenses of administration and the payment of claims of secured creditors, to the extent of the value of the security held, and claims falling within the priorities established in § 27-14.3-46, Classes 1 and 2;

(2) Disbursement of the assets marshaled to date and subsequent disbursement of assets as they become available;

(3) Equitable allocation of disbursements to each of the guaranty associations and foreign guaranty associations entitled to disbursements;

(4) The securing by the liquidator from each of the associations entitled to disbursements pursuant to this section of an agreement to return to the liquidator any assets, together with income earned on assets previously disbursed, as may be required to pay the claims of secured creditors and claims falling within the priorities established in § 27-14.3-46 in accordance with those priorities. No bond shall be required of the guaranty association; and

(5) A full report to be made by each guaranty association to the liquidator accounting for all assets disbursed in this manner to the guaranty association, all disbursements made from them, any interest earned by the association on the assets, and any other matter as the court may direct.

(c) The liquidator's proposal shall provide for disbursements to the guaranty associations in amounts estimated at least equal to the claim payments made or to be made by them for which the guaranty associations could assert a claim against the liquidator, and shall provide that if the assets available for disbursement do not equal or exceed the amount of the claim payments made or to be made by the guaranty associations then disbursements shall be in the amount of available assets.

(d) The liquidator's proposal shall, with respect to an insolvent insurer writing life or health insurance or annuities, provide for the disbursements of assets to any guaranty association or any foreign guaranty association covering life or health insurance or annuities or to any other entity or organization reinsuring, assuming, or guaranteeing policies or contracts of insurance under the acts creating the associations.

(e) Notice of the application shall be given to the guaranty association in and to the commissioners of insurance of each of the states. Any notice shall be deemed to have been given when deposited in the United States certified mail, first class postage prepaid, at least thirty (30) days prior to submission of the application to the court. Action on the application may be taken by the court provided this required notice has been given and provided that the liquidator's proposal complies with subdivisions (b)(1) and (b)(2) of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 248, § 1.)