CHAPTER 27-14.4
Uniform Insurers Liquidation Act

SECTION 27-14.4-7

§ 27-14.4-7. Powers and duties of receivers of foreign companies.

The domiciliary receiver of an insurer domiciled in a reciprocal state shall be vested by operation of law with the title to all of the property, contracts, and rights of action, and all of the books and records, of the insurer located in this state, and the receiver shall have the immediate right to recover all balances due from local agents and to obtain possession of any books and records of the insurer found in this state. The receiver shall also be entitled to recover the other assets of the insurer located in this state except that upon the appointment of an ancillary receiver in this state, the ancillary receiver shall during the ancillary receivership proceedings have the sole right to recover those other assets. The ancillary receiver shall, as soon as practicable, liquidate from their respective securities those special deposit claims and secured claims which are proved and allowed in the ancillary proceedings in this state, and shall pay the necessary expenses of the proceedings. All remaining assets the ancillary receiver shall promptly transfer to the domiciliary receiver. Subject to these provisions the ancillary receiver and his or her deputies shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties, with respect to the administration of the insurer's assets, as a receiver of an insurer domiciled in this state.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1994, ch. 141, § 2.)