CHAPTER 27-18.4
Health Insurance – Coordination with Federal Medicaid Program

SECTION 27-18.4-3

§ 27-18.4-3. Nondiscrimination in enrollment – Claims submission.

(a) An insurer shall not deny enrollment of a child under any health plan of the child's parent on the grounds that:

(1) The child was born out of wedlock;

(2) The child is not claimed as a dependent on the parent's federal tax return; or

(3) The child does not reside with the parent or in the insurer's service area.

(b) Where a child has health coverage through an insurer of a noncustodial parent the insurer shall:

(1) Provide any information to the custodial parent as may be necessary for the child to obtain benefits through that coverage;

(2) Permit the custodial parent (or the provider, with the custodial parent's approval) to submit claims for covered services without the approval of the noncustodial parent; and

(3) Make payments on claims submitted in accordance with subsection (b)(2) of this section directly to the custodial parent, the provider or the department of human services.

(c) Where a parent is required by a court or administrative order to provide health coverage for a child, and the parent is eligible for family health coverage, the insurer is required:

(1) To permit the parent to enroll, under the family coverage, a child who is eligible for the coverage without regard to any enrollment season restrictions;

(2) If the parent is enrolled but fails to make application to obtain coverage for the child, to enroll the child under family coverage upon application of the child's other parent, or the department of human services which administers the Medicaid program and the child support enforcement program under 42 U.S.C. § 651 et seq.; and

(3) Not to disenroll (or eliminate coverage of) the child unless the insurer is provided satisfactory written evidence that:

(i) The court or administrative order is no longer in effect; or

(ii) The child is or will be enrolled in comparable health coverage through another insurer that will take effect not later than the effective date of disenrollment.

(d) An insurer may not impose requirements on the department of human services, which has been assigned the rights of an individual eligible for medical assistance pursuant to § 40-6-9 and covered for health benefits from the insurer, that are different from requirements applicable to an agent or assignee of any other covered individual.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1994, ch. 237, § 2.)