Title 27

Chapter 18
Accident and Sickness Insurance Policies

R.I. Gen. Laws § 27-18-70

§ 27-18-70. Enteral nutrition products.

(a) Every individual or group health insurance contract, or every individual or group hospital or medical expense insurance policy, plan, or group policy delivered, issued for delivery, or renewed in this state on or after January 1, 2009, shall provide coverage for nonprescription enteral formulas for home use for which a physician has issued a written order and that are medically necessary for the treatment of malabsorption caused by Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, gastroesophageal reflux, chronic intestinal pseudo-obstruction, and inherited diseases of amino acids and organic acids. Coverage for inherited diseases of amino acids and organic acids shall include food products modified to be low protein and shall extend to all recipients regardless of age.

(b) Benefit plans offered by an insurer may impose a copayment and/or deductibles for the benefits mandated by this section, however, in no instance shall the copayment or deductible amount be greater than the copayment or deductible amount imposed for prescription enteral formulas or nutritional aids. Benefits for services under this chapter shall be reimbursed in accordance with the respective principles and mechanisms of reimbursement for each insurer, hospital, or medical service corporation, or health maintenance organization. Reimbursement shall be provided according to the respective principles and policies of the accident and sickness insurer. Nothing contained in this section precludes the accident and sickness insurer from conducting managed care, medical necessity, or utilization review.

(c) This section shall not apply to insurance coverage providing benefits for: (1) Hospital confinement indemnity; (2) Disability income; (3) Accident only; (4) Long-term care; (5) Medicare supplement; (6) Limited-benefit health; (7) Specified disease indemnity; (8) Sickness or bodily injury or death by accident or both; and (9) Other limited-benefit policies.

History of Section.
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