CHAPTER 27-2.2
Domestication/Redomestication of Insurance

SECTION 27-2.2-1

§ 27-2.2-1. Domestication of foreign insurer.

Any foreign insurer may become a domestic insurer by complying with all of the requirements of law relative to the organization and licensing of a domestic insurer of the same type, and by filing with the insurance commissioner its articles of association, charter, or other organizational document, together with appropriate amendments to them adopted in accordance with the laws of this state bringing the articles of association, charter, or other organizational document into compliance with the laws of this state. The foreign insurer shall be entitled to the necessary or appropriate certificates and licenses to continue its business and to transact business in this state, and shall be subject to the authority and jurisdiction of this state. In connection with any domestication, the commissioner may waive any and all requirements for public hearings. No insurer domesticating into this state need merge, consolidate, transfer assets, or engage in any other reorganization, other than as specified in this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1992, ch. 24, § 1.)