Foreign Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-2-11

§ 27-2-11. License required – Expiration date.

No company shall transact any business of insurance in this state until it has obtained from the insurance commissioner of this state a license stating that it has complied with the laws of this state and specifying the kinds of business it is authorized to transact. The insurance commissioner may refuse to issue the license if he or she is of the opinion that the refusal will be in the public interest. Every license shall be continuous unless revoked or suspended as provided in chapter 13 of this title.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1938, ch. 151, § 3; P.L. 1953, ch. 3174, § 3; G.L. 1956, § 27-2-11; P.L. 1987, ch. 289, § 1.)