Foreign Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-2-16

§ 27-2-16. Filing fees – Certificates of compliance.

(a) Every insurance company not incorporated in this state applying for admission to transact business in the state shall pay to the insurance commissioner, for the use of the state, for filing a copy of its charter or deed of settlement, the sum of thirty dollars ($30.00), and for filing a statement preliminary to admission, and for filing each annual statement after admission payable prior to April 1 of each year, the sum of one hundred dollars ($100).

(b) A certificate of compliance issued under this chapter shall continue in force as long as the insurer is entitled to it under this chapter and until suspended, revoked, or terminated at the request of the insurer; subject, to continuance of the certificate by the insurer each year by:

(1) Payment prior to April 1 of an annual license fee of one hundred dollars ($100); and

(2) Due filing by the insurer of its annual statement for the preceding calendar year as required under this section.

(c) If not continued in this manner by the insurer, its certificate of compliance shall expire at midnight on June 1 next following the failure of the insurer to continue it in force.

(d) The commissioner may, in his or her discretion, reinstate a certificate of compliance which the insurer has inadvertently permitted to expire, after the insurer has fully cured all its failures which resulted in the expiration, and upon payment by the insurer of the fee in the amount provided in subdivision (b)(1). Otherwise, the insurer shall be granted another certificate of compliance only after filing an application and meeting all other requirements as for an original certificate of compliance in this state.

(e) The commissioner may amend a certificate of compliance at any time to accord with changes in the insurer's charter or insuring powers.

(f) The commissioner may assess a late fee of one hundred dollars ($100) per day for each day the insurer is late in filing its annual statement, and ten dollars ($10.00) per day for each day the insurer is late in remitting its annual license fee, except that the insurer may request and receive an extension of the filing date without penalty.

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