Foreign Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-2-8

§ 27-2-8. Statement as to type of company, investments, and risks.

Every company, before making any contract of insurance, shall deposit with the insurance commissioner a statement, signed and sworn to by the president and secretary of the company, specifying that the company is a fire, marine, or fire and marine, life, health, accident, or other insurance company, stating the amount of its capital and the manner of its investment, designating the amount invested respectively in mortgages, public securities, and in the stock of incorporated companies, stating what companies, and also the amount invested in other securities, particularizing each item of investment, the amount of marine risks not terminated and the premium paid on those risks, the amount of fire risks not terminated and the premium paid on those risks, and the amount of liabilities, specifying the amount of outstanding claims adjusted or unadjusted, due or not due. In case the company is incorporated on the mutual principle, the statement shall set forth, in addition to this information, the amount of risks insured by the company, the amount of premium on the risks, what portion of it has been paid in cash, what security has been taken for the remainder, and what is the largest sum insured in any one risk. The statement required to be made in this section, so far as applicable, shall be made of each class in companies authorized to take risks in classes, and in all cases the returns may be varied by the insurance commissioner to obtain more definite information of the company; provided, that not more than one statement needs to be filed on behalf of the company.

History of Section.
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