CHAPTER 27-20.10
Rental Network Contract Arrangements

SECTION 27-20.10-6

§ 27-20.10-6. Unauthorized access to provider network contracts.

(a) It is an unfair insurance practice for the purposes of chapter 27-29 of the Rhode Island general laws to knowingly access or utilize a provider's contractual discount pursuant to a provider network contract without a contractual relationship with the provider, contracting entity, or third-party, as specified in this chapter;

(b) Contracting entities and third-parties are obligated to comply with subdivisions 27-20.10-4(b)(2) or 27-20.10-5(c)(1) and (2) concerning the services referenced on a remittance advice (RA) or explanation of payment (EOP). A provider may refuse the discount taken on the (RA) or (EOP) if the discount is taken without a contractual basis or in violation of these sections. However, an error in the (RA) or (EOP) may be corrected within thirty (30) days following notice by the provider.

(c) A contracting entity may not lease, rent, or otherwise grant to a third-party, access to a provider network contract unless the third-party accessing the health care contract is:

(1) A payer or third-party administrator or another entity that administers or processes claims on behalf of the payer;

(2) A preferred provider organization or preferred provider network, including a physician organization or physician-hospital organization; or

(3) An entity engaged in the electronic claims transport between the contracting entity and the payer that does not provide access to the provider's services and discount to any other third-party.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2009, ch. 190, § 1; P.L. 2009, ch. 209, § 1.)