CHAPTER 27-29.1
Pharmacy Freedom of Choice – Fair Competition and Practices

SECTION 27-29.1-6

§ 27-29.1-6. Applicability and allowances.

(a) Nothing in this section shall preclude an insurer from entering into an agreement to allow non-network providers, other than independent community pharmacies, the ability to participate with the insurer's plans under terms and conditions set forth by the insurer.

(b) The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to arrangements for the provision of pharmaceutical drug benefits to insureds between an insurer or a pharmacy benefits manager, and a mail order pharmacy, or a hospital-based pharmacy which is not a retail pharmacy.

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to require the provision of pharmacy benefits to insureds through a restricted pharmacy network nor any other arrangement for the provision of prescription drug benefits.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2004, ch. 363, § 2; P.L. 2004, ch. 368, § 2; P.L. 2004, ch. 602, § 2.)