Unfair Competition and Practices

SECTION 27-29-13.2

§ 27-29-13.2. Cancellation provisions for return of unearned premium.

Every insurance policy issued and approved for use in Rhode Island shall provide clear language on the method of calculation of the unearned premium portion, if any, to be returned to the insured if the policy is cancelled. Insurance policies shall not state "refer to manuals" to determine the amount of unearned premium to be returned. For all cancellations, the actual percentage retained by the insurer shall be discernible in the policy cancellation provisions. If a policy is canceled using a short-rate table, the insurer shall provide the short-rate table within the cancellation provisions of the insurance policy so that an insured can make an informed decision when cancelling a policy midterm. If a policy premium is fully earned or minimum earned on issuance of the policy, the quote and policy provisions shall clearly state that fact. Insurers shall not impose cancellation fees when insurance policies are cancelled using short-rate tables.

History of Section.
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