Unfair Competition and Practices

SECTION 27-29-17.2

§ 27-29-17.2. Notice of nonrenewal.

(a) An insurer may nonrenew a policy; provided, however, no nonrenewal of any policy of insurance to which this section applies shall be effective unless an insurer shall first give, mail, or deliver to the first named insured at the address shown on the policy, and to the insurance producer of record, written notice that the insurer will not renew the policy. Such notice shall be given, mailed or delivered at least sixty (60) days before the expiration date. If the notice is given, mailed or delivered less than sixty (60) days before the expiration, coverage shall remain in effect until sixty (60) days after notice is given, mailed or delivered. Earned premium for any period of coverage that extends beyond the expiration date shall be considered pro-rata based upon the previous year's rate. For purposes of this section, the transfer of a policyholder between companies within the same insurance group is not a refusal to renew. In addition, changes in deductibles, changes in premium, changes in the amount of insurance, or reductions in policy limits or coverage shall not be deemed to be refusals to renew.

(b) Notice of nonrenewal shall not be required where:

(1) The insurer or a company within the same insurance group has offered to issue a renewal policy; or

(2) The named insured has obtained replacement coverage or has agreed in writing to obtain replacement coverage.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2003, ch. 231, § 1; P.L. 2003, ch. 251, § 1.)