Unfair Competition and Practices

SECTION 27-29-2

§ 27-29-2. Definitions.

When used in this chapter:

(1) "Commissioner" means director of the department of business regulation;

(2) "Consultant" means an individual, partnership, or corporation who, for a fee, holds himself, herself, or itself out to the public as engaged in the business of offering any advice, counsel, opinion, or service with respect to the benefits, advantages or disadvantages promised under any policy of insurance that could be issued in this state;

(3) "Domestic partnership" means two (2) people who are in an exclusive, intimate, and committed relationship with each other, and who certify by affidavit that their relationship meets the following qualifications:

(i) Both persons are at least eighteen (18) years of age and are mentally competent to contract;

(ii) Neither person is currently married to someone else;

(iii) The persons are not related by blood to a degree that would prohibit marriage in the state of Rhode Island;

(iv) The persons reside together and have resided together for at least one year prior to the date of the certified affidavit;

(v) The persons are financially interdependent as evidenced by two (2) of the following:

(A) A domestic partnership agreement or relationship contract;

(B) A joint mortgage or joint ownership of a primary residence;

(C) Two (2) of the following:

(I) Joint ownership of a motor vehicle;

(II) A joint checking account;

(III) A joint credit account;

(IV) A joint lease; and/or

(D) One person has been designated as a beneficiary for the other person's will, retirement contract, or life insurance;

(4) "Insured" means the party named on a policy or certificate as the individuals with legal rights to the benefits provided by the policy;

(5) "Insurer" means any person, reciprocal exchange, interinsurer, Lloyds insurer, fraternal benefit society, and any other legal entity engaged in the business of insurance, including agents, brokers, insurance producers, adjusters, and third-party administrators. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, insurer shall also mean a nonprofit hospital and/or medical service corporation, a nonprofit dental service corporation, a nonprofit optometric service corporation, a nonprofit legal service corporation, a health maintenance organization as defined in the general laws, or any other entity providing a plan of health benefits. For the purposes of this act, the entities in this subdivision shall be deemed to be engaged in the business of insurance and subject to this chapter;

(6) "License" means any license, certificate of authority, certificate of compliance, or other formal approval or authorization granted by the department of business regulation, division of insurance;

(7) "Person" means any natural or artificial entity, including but not limited to: an individual, corporation, association, partnership, trust, or any other legal entity; and

(8) "Policy" or "certificate" means any contract of insurance, indemnity, medical, health, or hospital service, suretyship, or annuity issued, proposed for issuance, or intended for issuance, by any insurer.

History of Section.
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