Consumer Credit Insurance

SECTION 27-30-8

§ 27-30-8. Premiums and refunds.

(a) An insurer may revise its schedules of premium rates from time to time, and shall file the revised schedules with the commissioner. No insurer shall issue any consumer credit insurance policy for which the premium rate exceeds that determined by the schedules of the insurer as then on file with the commissioner. The commissioner shall have the authority to promulgate regulations to assure that the premium rates are reasonable in relation to the benefits provided, including the authority to regulate the compensation component of the premium rates. In determining whether the premium rates are reasonable in relation to the benefits provided, the Commissioner shall consider and provide for: actual and expected loss experience, general and administrative expenses, loss settlement and adjustment expenses, reasonable creditor compensation, investment income, the manner in which premiums are charged, and other acquisition costs, reserves, taxes, regulatory license fees and fund assessments, reasonable insurer profit and other relevant data, consistent with generally accepted actuarial standards.

(b) Each individual policy or group certificate shall provide for a refund in the event of termination of the insurance prior to the scheduled maturity date of the insurance and upon notice to the insurer from the debtor with the debtor's contact information. The refund of an amount paid by the debtor for insurance shall be paid or credited promptly to the person entitled thereto; provided, however, that the commissioner shall prescribe a minimum refund and no refund which would be less than such minimum need be made. Refund formulas which any insurer desires to use must develop refunds which are at least as favorable to the debtor as refunds equal to the premium cost of scheduled benefits subsequent to the date of cancellation or termination, computed at the schedule of premium rates in effect on the date of issue. The formula to be used in computing such refund shall be filed with and approved by the commissioner.

(c) If a creditor requires a debtor to make any payment for consumer credit insurance and an individual policy or group certificate of insurance is not issued, the creditor shall immediately give written notice to the debtor and shall promptly make an appropriate credit to the account or issue a refund.

(d) The amount charged to debtor for any consumer credit insurance shall not exceed the premiums charged by the insurer, as computed at the time the charge to the debtor is determined.

History of Section.
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