Rhode Island Property And Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association

SECTION 27-34-17

§ 27-34-17. Stay of proceedings.

All proceedings in which the insolvent insurer is a party or is obligated to defend a party in any court in this state shall, subject to waiver by the association in specific cases involving covered claims, be stayed for six (6) months and such additional time as may be determined by the court from the date the insolvency is determined or an ancillary proceeding is instituted in this state, whichever is later, to permit proper defense by the association of all pending causes of action. The liquidator, receiver, or statutory successor of an insolvent insurer covered by this chapter shall permit access by the board or its authorized representative to such of the insolvent insurer's records that are necessary for the board in carrying out its functions under this chapter with regard to covered claims. In addition, the liquidator, receiver, or statutory successor shall provide the board or its representative with copies of the records upon the request by the board and at the expense of the board.

History of Section.
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