Consumer Representation at Rate Hearings

SECTION 27-36-1

§ 27-36-1. Representation.

All hearings conducted in accordance with the provisions of this title and chapter 62 of title 42 shall be attended by the attorney general or his or her designee and he or she shall represent, protect, and advocate the rights of the consumers at the hearings; provided, that if the hearings are related to a rate increase request by a health insurer, then the hearings shall be open to the public and shall be held by the department of business regulation. The department shall promulgate rules and regulations to ensure that the general public is given adequate notice. The term "health insurer" as used in this chapter includes all persons, firms, corporations, or other organizations offering and assuring health services on a prepaid or primarily expense incurred basis, including, but not limited to, policies of accident or sickness insurance, as defined by chapter 18 of this title, nonprofit hospital or medical service plans, whether organized under chapter 10 or 20 of this title or under any public law or by special act of the general assembly, health maintenance organizations, and any other entity which insures or reimburses for diagnostic, therapeutic, or preventive services to a defined population on the basis of a periodic premium. It shall also include all organizations providing health benefits coverage for employees on a self-insurance basis without the intervention of other entities.

History of Section.
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