CHAPTER 27-38.1
Insurance Coverage for Pediatric Preventive Care

SECTION 27-38.1-3

§ 27-38.1-3. Benefits to be included in basic coverage.

The benefits mandated by this chapter shall be included in all benefit plans offered by every health insurer and health maintenance organization. Benefit plans offered by health insurers and health maintenance organizations may impose copayment charges for the benefits mandated by this chapter; in no instance shall the copayment amounts be greater than copayment charges imposed for other physician office visits, nor shall the copayment charges pose a barrier to obtaining pediatric preventive care. Benefits for pediatric services shall be reimbursed in accordance with each health insurer's respective principles and mechanisms of reimbursement. The provisions of this benefit will supersede any deductible requirements.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1988, ch. 488, § 1.)