CHAPTER 27-4.1
Legal Services Insurance

SECTION 27-4.1-5

§ 27-4.1-5. Individual and group legal services insurance.

Any insurance company authorized to write legal services insurance in this state shall have the power to issue individual or group legal services insurance policies or may, by providing for the mental and emotional welfare of individuals and members of his or her family by defraying the costs of legal services, include legal services insurance in and as a part of a group accident and health insurance policy. "Group legal services insurance" is that form of voluntary legal services insurance covering not less than ten (10) employees or members, with or without their eligible dependents, written under a master policy issued to any governmental corporation, unit, agency, or department, or to any employer or association of employers, including the trustee or trustees of a fund established by an employer or association of employers, or to a labor union or other similar employee organization, including the trustees of a fund established by a labor union or employee organization. The terms "employee" and "employees" have the meaning given to each term in the policy.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 431, § 1.)