CHAPTER 27-4.1
Legal Services Insurance

SECTION 27-4.1-7

§ 27-4.1-7. Disapproval of forms.

(a) The commissioner may, within sixty (60) days after the filing of any form, disapprove the form:

(1) If the benefits provided in the form are unreasonable in relation to the premium charged;

(2) If it contains a provision or provisions which are unjust, unfair, inequitable, misleading, deceptive, or encourage misrepresentation of the policy, or if it fails to include a provision deemed by the commissioner to be necessary for the protection of the interest of the public; or

(3) If it does not comply with the requirements of the law.

(b) If the commissioner notifies the insurer that has filed any form that it does not comply with the provisions of this chapter, it shall be unlawful for the insurer to issue that form or use it in connection with any policy. In that notice the commissioner shall specify the reasons for his or her disapproval and state that a hearing will be granted within twenty (20) days after a request in writing by the insurer.

(c) The commissioner may for good cause exempt any group insurance policy or class of group insurance policies from the requirements of subsection (a).

History of Section.
(P.L. 1986, ch. 431, § 1.)