Life Insurance Policies and Reserves

SECTION 27-4-5

§ 27-4-5. Misrepresentation as to policies – Penalty – Revocation of license.

No life insurance corporation doing business in this state, and no officer, director, or agent of that corporation, shall issue or circulate, or cause or permit to be issued or circulated, any estimate, illustration, circular, or statement of any sort misrepresenting the terms of any policy issued by it, or the benefits or advantages promised by it; nor shall any corporation or agent of the corporation orally or in writing make any misrepresentation or incomplete comparisons regarding the cost or terms or conditions or benefits contained in any policy or contract of insurance to any person insured in any other corporation, for the purpose of inducing or tending to induce that person to lapse, forfeit, or surrender his or her insurance in any other corporation. The director of business regulation is empowered to revoke the license of the corporation or insurance producer violating these provisions or access whatever penalty is appropriate in accordance with § 42-14-16 in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, chapter 35 of title 42; the license is not to be reinstated until at least three (3) years have elapsed since the date of revocation, but the license may be renewed after a shorter period after revocation, at the discretion of the director of business regulation.

History of Section.
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