Health Maintenance Organizations

SECTION 27-41-29.2

§ 27-41-29.2. Filing of policy forms.

(a) A health maintenance organization shall file all policy forms and rates used by it in the state with the commissioner, including the forms of any rider, endorsement, application blank, and other matter generally used or incorporated by reference in its policies or contracts of insurance. No such form shall be used if disapproved by the commissioner under this section, or if the commissioner's approval has been withdrawn after notice and an opportunity to be heard, or until the expiration of sixty (60) days following the filing of the form. Such a company shall comply with its filed and approved forms. If the commissioner finds from an examination of any form that it is contrary to the public interest or the requirements of this code or duly promulgated regulations, he or she shall forbid its use, and shall notify the corporation in writing.

(b) Each rate filing shall include a certification by a qualified actuary that to the best of the actuary's knowledge and judgment, the entire rate filing is in compliance with applicable laws and that the benefits offered or proposed to be offered are reasonable in relation to the premium to be charged. A health insurance carrier shall comply with its filed and approved rates and forms.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2012, ch. 256, § 10; P.L. 2012, ch. 262, § 10.)