Captive Insurance Companies

SECTION 27-43-6

§ 27-43-6. Reports, statements, examinations, and investigations.

(a) Captive insurance companies shall annually file a statement of condition as provided in § 27-12-1; provided, that the commissioner may by regulation modify the required filing and content of the statements of captive insurance companies. Captive insurance companies are also subject to the further provisions of chapter 12 of this title; provided, that statements filed pursuant to this section, except for those reports filed by industrial insured captive insurance companies insuring the risks of industrial insured groups as defined in § 27-43-1(8)(ii), are not subject to the public inspection provisions of § 27-12-1(b).

(b) The commissioner, either personally or by a committee appointed by him or her, consisting of one or more persons not directors or officers of any captive insurance company doing business in this state, may, at any time, examine the affairs of any captive insurance company incorporated by or doing business in this state. The officers of the company shall exhibit its books to the commissioner or committee, and facilitate the examination, and the commissioner or the committee may examine, under oath, the officers of the company in relation to its affairs, and the commissioner shall, if he or she deems it advisable, publish the result of the investigation in one or more newspapers published in the state. The total cost of the examinations shall be borne by the examined companies and shall be one hundred fifty percent (150%) of the total salaries paid to the examining personnel of the insurance division engaged in the examinations, less any salary reimbursements, and shall be paid to the commissioner to and for the use of the insurance division. The assessment shall be in addition to any taxes and fees payable to the state.

(c) Whenever it shall appear to the commissioner, from the statements, or from an examination of the affairs of any captive insurance company, that the company is insolvent, or is in an unsound financial condition, or that its business policies are unsound or improper, or that its condition or management is such as to render its further transaction of business hazardous to the public or its policyholders, or that the amount of its funds, net cash or contingent assets is deficient, or that its capital is impaired, or that it is conducting its business fraudulently or refuses or neglects to comply with the laws of the state relating to captive insurance companies, it shall be the duty of the commissioner, after notice and hearing, to revoke the license issued to the company and the licenses issued to all of its insurance producers, or he or she may revoke the licenses or suspend them for a period not exceeding the unexpired terms of the licenses.

History of Section.
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