Casualty, Liability and Fire and Marine Insurance Rating

SECTION 27-44-6

§ 27-44-6. Filing of rates and other rating information.

(a) Filings as to competitive markets; file and use. In a competitive market, every insurer shall file with the director all rates and supplementary rate information to be used in this state. At the time the rates are filed, the filing shall state the specific model(s) used (catastrophic risk planning), and explain the manner in which each model was used to determine the filed rate. The rates and supplementary rate information shall be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the proposed effective date. At the end of that time, the rates may be used if no disapproval order or request for supporting information has been issued by the director. If the director finds that an insurer's rates require closer review because of an insurer's financial condition, or upon any other grounds as the director may consider harmful to the public interest including, but not limited to, excessiveness, inadequacy, or unfair discrimination, the director may request supporting information as needed. If the director requests the further information, the rates may not be made effective until thirty (30) days after the information has been received by the director.

(b) Filings as to noncompetitive markets. Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to abrogate or supersede any statute or regulation governing either classes of business identified in § 27-44-3, or deemed noncompetitive pursuant to the provisions of this chapter. Those classes of business and noncompetitive markets shall have rates established pursuant to the standards and procedures applicable under chapters 6, 7.1, 9, 19, and 20 of this title, and chapter 62 of title 42.

(c) Requirement of director. Rates shall be filed in the form and manner prescribed by the director.

(d) Rating organization. Any insurer may discharge its obligation under this section by giving notice to the director that it uses rates and supplementary rate information prepared and filed by a designated rating organization of which it is a member or subscriber. The insurer's rates and supplementary rate information shall be those filed by the rating organization, including any amendments, subject to modifications filed by the insurer.

(e) Consent to rate. Upon the written consent of the insured, stating the reasons for consent and filed with the director, a rate in excess of that provided by an otherwise applicable filing may be used on any specific risk. A rate greater than that applicable to the insured under a residual market mechanism may not be used unless approved by the director.

(f) Filings open to inspection. All rates, supplementary rate information, and any supporting information for rates filed under this act shall, as soon as filed, be open to public inspection at any reasonable time. Copies may be obtained by any person on request and upon payment of a reasonable charge.

History of Section.
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