Fire Insurance Policies and Reserves

SECTION 27-5-8

§ 27-5-8. Supplemental contract forms.

Appropriate forms of supplemental contracts or extended coverage endorsements where the interest in the property described in a fire insurance policy shall be insured against one or more of the perils which the insurer is empowered to assume, in addition to the peril covered by the standard fire insurance policy, may be approved by the director of business regulation, and their use in connection with a standard fire insurance policy may be authorized by him or her. The first page of the policy may, in a form approved by the director of business regulation, be rearranged to provide space for the listing of amounts of insurance, rates, and premiums for the basic coverages insured under the standard form of policy, and for additional coverages or perils insured under endorsements attached, and any other data that may be conveniently included for duplication on daily reports for office records.

History of Section.
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