Small Employer Health Insurance Availability Act

SECTION 27-50-2

§ 27-50-2. Purpose.

(a) The purpose and intent of this chapter are to enhance the availability of health insurance coverage to small employers regardless of their health status or claims experience, to prevent abusive rating practices, to prevent segmentation of the health insurance market based upon health risk, to spread health insurance risk more broadly, to require disclosure of rating practices to purchasers, to establish rules regarding renewability of coverage, to limit the use of preexisting condition exclusions, to provide for development of "economy", "standard" and "basic" health benefit plans to be offered to all small employers, and to improve the overall fairness and efficiency of the small group health insurance market.

(b) This chapter is not intended to provide a comprehensive solution to the problem of affordability of health care or health insurance.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2000, ch. 200, § 9; P.L. 2000, ch. 229, § 10.)