CHAPTER 27-53.1
Assumption Reinsurance

SECTION 27-53.1-7

§ 27-53.1-7. Commissioner's discretion.

If an insurer domiciled in this state or in a jurisdiction having a substantially similar law is deemed by the domiciliary commissioner to be in hazardous financial condition or an administrative proceeding has been instituted against it for the purpose of reorganizing or conserving the insurer, and the transfer of the obligations and/or risks on contracts of insurance issued to or owned by residents of this state is in their best interest as determined by the Rhode Island commissioner, a transfer and novation may be effected notwithstanding the provisions of this chapter. This may include a form of implied consent and adequate notification to the policyholder of the circumstances requiring the transfer as approved by the commissioner.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1996, ch. 188, § 21.)