Off-label Uses of Prescription Drugs

SECTION 27-55-3

§ 27-55-3. Advisory panel on off-label uses of prescription drugs.

The director of the department of health shall appoint an advisory panel of seven (7) medical experts. The purpose of the advisory panel is to make recommendations to the director regarding whether a particular off-label use is medically appropriate, whenever a particular dispute about payment for this off-label use is referred to the director of the department of health. Parties seeking to refer a dispute to the director shall do so in writing within thirty (30) days of the denial of coverage of the drug. The members of the panel shall include seven (7) licensed Rhode Island physicians, including: (1) a physician appointed by a hospital and medical services corporation; (2) a physician appointed by the Rhode Island Medical Society; (3) three (3) medical oncologists appointed by the society of Rhode Island Clinical Oncologists; (4) a physician appointed by the Rhode Island Association of Health Maintenance Organizations from a member plan; and (5) a Rhode Island physician appointed by the Health Insurance Association of America. The members of the advisory panel shall serve at the pleasure of the director of the department of health and shall receive no compensation for their service on this advisory panel.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1994, ch. 339, § 1.)