CHAPTER 27-57.1
Medical Assistance Intercept Act

SECTION 27-57.1-4

§ 27-57.1-4. Information to be provided by the executive office of health and human services.

(a) The executive office of health and human services shall periodically within each year furnish the insurance companies and insurers subject to this section with a list or compilation of claimants, who have received medical assistance, as a result of the accident or loss which is the basis of the claim and who have been identified and matched through the centralized database provided for in this chapter. The information provided to the insurance companies and insurers shall be the names of individuals, with last known addresses, who as of the date of the list or compilation have received medical assistance in excess of five hundred dollars ($500).

(b) In order to facilitate the efficient and prompt reporting of those medical assistance recipients in one centralized location, it is the duty and responsibility of the insurance companies doing business in the state to utilize one centralized database, to which the executive office of health and human services shall report and administer. Any insurer receiving information identifying an individual as a medical assistance recipient shall maintain the confidentiality of that information. Minimal data elements shall be shared with an agency contracted by the executive office of health and human services which maintains a centralized database of insurance claims. The contracted centralized database is required to keep confidential any personal and personnel information; records sufficient to identify an applicant for or recipient of medical assistance; preliminary drafts, notes, impressions, memoranda, working papers, and work products; as well as any other records, reports, opinions, information, and statements deemed confidential pursuant to state or federal law or regulation, or rule of court. That data shall not be disclosed to the insurer. Matched results are returned to the executive office of health and human services through its contracted agency. Proper quality assurance shall be performed by the contracted agency to insure the claim is open and collect additional information from the insurer including but not limited to contact information.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2012, ch. 241, art. 11, § 1.)