The Banking And Insurance Consumer Protection Act

SECTION 27-58-9

§ 27-58-9. No discrimination against non-affiliated agents.

No financial institution may:

(1) Require as a condition of providing any product or service to any customer, or any renewal of any contract for providing the product or service, that the customer acquire, finance, or negotiate any policy or contract of insurance through a particular insurer, or insurance producer;

(2) In connection with a loan or extension of credit that requires a borrower to obtain insurance, reject an insurance policy because that policy has been issued or underwritten by any person who is not associated with that institution;

(3) Impose any requirement on any insurance producer who is not associated with the financial institution that is not imposed on any insurance producer who is associated with that institution; or

(4) Unless otherwise authorized by any applicable federal or state law, require any debtor, insurer, or producer to pay a separate charge in connection with the handling of insurance that is required under a contract.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1996, ch. 325, § 1.)