Title 27

Chapter 63
Health Care Fraud Reporting Immunity

R.I. Gen. Laws 27-63-1

 27-63-1.  Immunity for reporting health care fraud.

(a) No insurer, agent authorized by the insurer to act on its behalf, or other person shall be subject to any civil or criminal liability in any cause of action for releasing or providing in good faith to a law enforcement agency factually accurate information relating to suspected or discovered health insurance fraud.

(b) No employer shall discharge, or in any manner discriminate or retaliate against any person who, in good faith, makes a report to law enforcement, testifies, or is about to testify in any proceeding about the health care fraud.

(c) Nothing contained in this chapter shall be construed to limit the rights and remedies available to a person pursuant to chapter 33 of title 9 or chapter 50 of title 28.

History of Section.
P.L. 1998, ch. 59, 1.