Life Settlements Act

SECTION 27-72-6

§ 27-72-6. Reporting requirements and privacy.

(a) For any policy settled within five (5) years of policy issuance, each provider shall file with the commissioner on or before March 1 of each year an annual statement containing such information as the commissioner may prescribe by regulation. In addition to any other requirements, the annual statement shall specify the total number, aggregate face amount and life settlement proceeds of policies settled during the immediately preceding calendar year, together with a breakdown of the information by policy issue year. The annual statement shall also include the names of the insurance companies whose policies have been settled and the brokers that have settled said policies.

(1) Such information shall be limited to only those transactions where the insured is a resident of this state and shall not include individual transaction data regarding the business of life settlements or information that there is a reasonable basis to believe could be used to identify the owner or the insured.

(2) Every provider that willfully fails to file an annual statement as required in this section, or willfully fails to reply within thirty (30) days to a written inquiry by the commissioner in connection therewith, shall, in addition to other penalties provided by this chapter, be subject, upon due notice and opportunity to be heard, to a penalty of up to two hundred fifty dollars ($250) per day of delay, not to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) in the aggregate, for each such failure.

(3) The department may have this annual report reviewed and analyzed by outside consultant(s) and the total cost of that review shall be borne by, billed directly to, and paid by the provider filing the annual statement.

(b) Except as otherwise allowed or required by law, a provider, broker, insurance company, insurance producer, information bureau, rating agency or company, or any other person with actual knowledge of an insured's identity, shall not disclose the identity of an insured or information that there is a reasonable basis to believe could be used to identify the insured or the insured's financial or medical information to any other person unless the disclosure:

(1) Is necessary to effect a life settlement contract between the owner and a provider and the owner and insured have provided prior written consent to the disclosure;

(2) Is necessary to effectuate the sale of life settlement contracts, or interests therein, as investments, provided the sale is conducted in accordance with applicable state and federal securities law and provided further that the owner and the insured have both provided prior written consent to the disclosure;

(3) Is provided in response to an investigation or examination by the commissioner or any other governmental officer or agency or pursuant to the requirements of this chapter;

(4) Is a term or condition to the transfer of a policy by one provider to another provider, in which case the receiving provider shall be required to comply with the confidentiality requirements of this chapter;

(5) Is necessary to allow the provider or its authorized representatives to make contacts for the purpose of determining health status. For the purposes of this section, the term "authorized representative " shall not include any person who has or may have any financial interest in the settlement contract other than a provider, licensed broker, financing entity, related provider trust or special purpose entity; further, a provider or broker shall require its authorized representative to agree in writing to adhere to the privacy provisions of this chapter; or

(6) Is required to purchase stop loss coverage.

(c) Non-public personal information solicited or obtained in connection with a proposed or actual life settlement contract shall be subject to the provisions applicable to financial institutions under the federal Gramm Leach Bliley Act, P.L. 106-102 (1999), and all other state and federal laws relating to confidentiality of non-public personal information.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2009, ch. 195, § 1; P.L. 2009, ch. 262, § 1.)